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We are an Agrochemicals Company manufacturing a variety of Crop Protection Products. We also have interests in other Fine Chemicals. Presently we are in the phase of aggressive expansion driven through both organic and inorganic growth. Also, we are a highly research-driven company, and we firmly believe that Innovation is not just a tool to help us achieve our high growth targets but also to change the world and make it a better place to live in. Our objective is to be not just one of the most renowned Crop Protection companies in the world but one of the most revered and respected Chemical Companies of the world.

We firmly believe that this presents an ocean of opportunities to the people who work for us to not just grow as a professional but become a better world citizen. With a work culture which is of the highest standards, with focus not just on the business activities but also having high social and environmental awareness, business areas presenting new challenges everyday, and to deal with which dynamic skills are required, there is not one day which goes by when one does not learn something and which is not exciting. All this apart, the adventure of being part of a fast growing company, we recruit people not just for work but for a journey and offer them not just jobs but a dream.

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